Australians tanks are positioned as the ideal alternative to liquid storage needs in industry, agriculture, fisheries and mining. Advantages like easy transport and assembly – which enable the tanks to be transferred and reused in other chores – in addition to its low cost, and lifetime, have resulted in a great success of this solution.

Tecnovial Australian tanks are suitable for storing a wide variety of fluids because we can offer a wide range of protections according to the needs of our customers. Their great structural capacity was demonstrated after the earthquake of 2010, a situation in which all of Tecnovial tanks remained operative and undamaged.

Today, the needs of our customers have driven us to develop a new line of tanks, which are capable of holding up to 1200 m3. To achieve this, our engineering department designed a more robust wall profile with reinforced connections which are able to fit all the structural stresses of all applicable seismic design standards. These improvements allow us to increase the height versus diameter ratio in relation to our traditional line, so we can adapt our projects in the best way to space constraints that increase day by day.

We invite you to see in 11 simple steps the Australian tank assembly process.


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